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Whammy! Episode #9
Episode #9
April 25th, 2002
Today's victims....I mean contestants are:


And Kelly is a guy just for clarification, like the former NHL goalie Kelly Hrudey.

Kelly starts off this game by hitting an Electric Scooter worth $259. Katie is next but she hits the Wrestling Whammy! Steven is next and hits the Television worth $500! Another early victim. But even so, we add more Whammies!

Kelly: $1259  Katie: $0  Steven: $1500

Kelly plays again and hits $550. Steven also decides to press and hits $1500! More Whammies, if you please!

Kelly: $1809  Katie: $0  Steven: $3000

Kelly is behind by a lot so he plays and hits a Boom Box worth $248. Steven's not risking his $3000 and he "Freezes"!

Kelly: $2057  Katie: $0  Steven: $3000(F)

Kelly still needs to catch up so he plays but he hits a Cooking Whammy! And another quick 1st round!

Kelly: $0  Katie: $0  Steven: $3000

Round 2 Question

Lots of spins earned in this question round! Kelly almost went perfect buzzing in correctly on all of the first four questions but no one buzzed in on the last so the perfect round was shot

Q1:    3/1/1
Q2:    3/1/1
Q3:    3/1/0
Q4:    3/0/0
Q5:    0/0/1
Tot:   12/3/3

Round 2 Spins

Since there's a tie for money, least spins goes first and that's Katie with three!

Katie first hits a Deluxe Comforter Set worth $523 and then hits Cabo San Lucas worth $3745! Unfortunately on her next spin she hit a new Whammy, the Crocodile Hunter Whammy! That was her last spin but like Peter used to say, You're not out of the game yet.

Kelly was next with $0 and 12 big spins! But Kelly didn't do too well at all. He started off with two straight Double Whammies! First the Snowboard Whammy, then the Firehose Whammy! On his next spin he hit $700 + Spin but after that he hit another Double Whammy, the Pizza one, which knocked him out of the game with 4 Whammies.

Down to Steven with 3 spins and $3000! He took his first spin and hit $1200. Then he decided to pass the remainig two spins to Katie with $0 and two Whammies!

Katie started off well hitting $750 + Spin and then $1100. One earned spin left for Katie, if she took it she'd need something worth $2350 or more. But if she passed and Steven Whammies, she'd win, anything else and Steven wins. Kaite decides to press! She hits $2000/Lose One Whammy which would not be enough either way, as Todd explained and Steven wins with $4200. And he wins only by $350!