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Whammy! Episode #8
Episode #8
April 24th, 2002
Today's contestants are:


No, Whammy! didn't all of a sudden adopt returning champions, this is a different Cynthia  :)

Shannon starts off first and hits Advance Two Spaces to a Basketball Arcade Game worth $250. Cynthia is next but she hits a Whammy Fay Baker Whammy! On her first spin! Tough luck. We go to John and he hits a Breadmaker worth $149! Our first casualty comes early! More Whammies, please!

Shannon: $1250  Cynthia: $0  John: $1149

Shannon decides to go again and hits Designer Sunglasses worth $300. John also goes and hits $470. I'd like a side order of Whammies please

Shannon: $1550  Cynthia: $0  John: $1619

Shannon is behind so she presses but hits an old favorite, the Dynomite/TNT Whammy! John is the only one left and he's risking going again but hits the Godfather Whammy! We have a three way tie after Round 1!

Shannon: $0  Cynthia: $0  John: $0

Round 2 Questions

A very good question round for the contestants after a disappointing and quick 1st spin round. Someone buzzed in correctly on each one!

Q1:     3/1/1
Q2:     1/1/3
Q3:     1/3/1
Q4:     1/1/3
Q5:     1/1/3
Tot:    7/7/11

Round 2 Spins

Since everyone has $0 and a tie for spins with Shannon and Cynthia, player to the left goes first, which would be Shannon!

Shannon starts off with $900 but then hits the Popcorn Double Whammy! But she makes up for it going on a roll hitting $1100, $900, Big Bucks for $3000 + Spin, $750 + Spin and $500 + Spin. Three spins and $6250 and Whammies running rampant, Shannon passes her three remaining spins to John in 1st place. But first we go to Cynthia!

Cynthia started off well hitting a Superhero Lithograph worth $3000 and $800 but then hit the Lawn Mower Double Whammy! She kept going and went on a roll hitting $500, an Entertainment Center worth $999, Big Bucks for $4000 + Spin, and then Big Bucks for $5000 + Spin! Two spins and $10,499 and Cynthia is risking it but she hits the Attic Double Whammy! One spin left and Cynthia goes again and hits $2000/Lose One Whammy and oddly enough she chose to lose a Whammy.

John was next with three spins he must take first and he started off with $750 + Spin, and $500 but hit a Cannon Double Whammy(drops "Whammy fur" on contestant)! Twelve spins however in the earned column and John decides to go and hits a Soccer Table worth $899 and a Bookcase worth $739. But then John went again and hit the Grocery Double Whammy! Three Whammies but John goes again and hits a Digital Camcorder worth $899! Nince spins and three Whammies so John decides to pass to Shannon!

Shannon starts off great hitting $4000 + Spin bringing her total to $10,250. But things went sour from there as Shannon hit the Basketball Double Whammy! Seven spins moved to the earned column to total eight earned spins all together. Shannon decides to press but one more Whammy and she's out.....and she hits a Whammy! And John wins with an $899 Digital Camcorder! And Cynthia would have won if she had taken the $2000 instead of pointlessly Losing a Whammy! Oh well, no one's perfect like you and me..or you and I...or whatever  ;)