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Whammy! Episode #7
Episode #7
April 23rd, 2002
Our contestants today are:


Lex starts off and hits an Espresso Maker worth $249. Ryan is next and hits $400. Cynthia goes also and hits $1500! Everyone made it through fine, but we add more Whammies!

Lex:  $1249  Ryan: $1400  Cynthia: $2500

Lex goes again and hits Advance Two Spaces to Tango Lessons worth $300. Ryan was next and hit the Bookstore Gift Card worth $400. Cynthia is next and hits the Trampoline worth $300! Again everyone made it through but more whammies are added!

Lex:  $1549  Ryan: $1800  Cynthia: $2800

Lex, in third place, decides to go but he hits the Spelling Bee Whammy! Ryan is next and hits a Year's Supply of M&M's worth $200! Cynthia risks going one more time and hits Big Bucks for $1000!

Lex:  $0  Ryan: $2000  Cynthia: $3800

It's just Ryan and Cynthia now. Ryan is behind considerably so he plays on and hits the Home Gym worth $250. Cynthia has had enough and she decides to "Freeze"!

Lex:  $0  Ryan: $2250  Cynthia: $3800(F)

Now it's just Ryan trying to play catch up! He plays and hits the Karaoke System worth $329!

Lex:  $0  Ryan: $2579  Cynthia: $3800(F)

Ryan decides to keep going but his comeback falls short as he hits a new Whammy, the Karate Whammy!

Lex:  $0  Ryan: $0 Cynthia: $3800

Round 2 Questions

We had our first "strikeout" in the question round, aired anyway, as everyone missed Question 3.

Q1:    1/3/1
Q2:    1/1/1
Q3:    0/0/0
Q4:    1/0/0
Q5:    1/3/1
Tot:   4/7/3

Round 2 Spins

Lex started us off in Round 2 with $600 and a Robot Dog worth $1590(WOOF!) bringing him to $2190 before hitting the Pillow Feather Double Whammy! Lex had one spin left and hit Move One Space to $2000/Lose One Whammy or a Mountain Bike and Lex chose the $2000

Ryan was next with 7 big spins but they weren't so lucky to start with. First he hit a new Whammy the George Foreman Grill Whammy! Then he hit another new Whammy, the Wedding Rice Double Whammy! Three Whammies and 5 spins left, Ryan kept going and hit Move One Space to $1200 or a Wine Cart and Ryan chose the $1200, he then hit a Washer and Dryer worth $1000 and $750 to bring his total to $2950 and he passed the rest of his spins, two of them, to Cynthia!

Cynthia goes and hits $500 but then hits the Ping Pong Double Whammy. Three spins left though and Cynthia hit a Wine Cart worth $680, $500 + Spin and then $4000 + Spin to bring her total to $5180 and she passed her two spins back to Ryan with three Whammies!

And that was where it ended as Ryan hit a Double Whammy and Cynthia wins with $5,180!