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Whammy! Episode #6
Episode #6
April 22nd, 2002
Today's contestants are:


We start off Round 1 with Penelope and she hits a stereo system worth $200. Mia was next and she hits Big Bucks for $1500! Next is Jeff and he hits a Sunset Dinner Cruise worth $180. Everyone made it through safe for now. But more Whammies are added!

Penelope: $1200  Mia: $2500  Jeff: $1180

Penelope goes again and hits Swing Dance Lessons worth $300. Mia also decides to go risking her BIg Bucks but she hits Wireless Speakers worth $250. Jeff is next and he hits a Tool Set worth $260. Safe again, but more whammies!

Penelope: $1500  Mia: $2750  Jeff: $1440

Penelope needs to catch up so she plays and hits a Food Processor worth $140. Mia is next and she goes and hits Advance Two Spaces to a Radar Detector worth $349. Jeff also plays but Jeff hits the first Whammy of the night and it's the Tarzan Whammy!

Penelope: $1640  Mia: $3099  Jeff: $0

Penelope is still behind so she plays and hits His and Hers Roller Blades worth $320. Mia decides she doesn't want to risk it anymore and "Freezes"!

Penelope: $1960  Mia: $3099(F)  Jeff: $0

Penelope is the only one left and she hits a Surfboard worth $480! Each time, even more Whammies!

Penelope: $2440  Mia: $3099(F)  Jeff: $0

Penelope goes again and hits an Outdoor Fountain worth $299. Can she make it? More Whammies!

Penelope: $2739  Mia: $3099(F)  Jeff: $0

Penelope keeps going and hits a Year's Supply of M&M's! Yum! Worth $200! And again more whammies! So close!

Penelope: $2939  Mia: $3099(F)  Jeff: $0

One more time and Penelope hits a Trampoline worth $300! She did it! And now she wisely "Freezes"!

Penelope: $3239  Mia: $3099  Jeff: $0

Round 2 Questions

Pretty normal question round, nothing really interesting.

Q1:   3/1/1
Q2:   1/0/3
Q3:   3/1/1
Q4:   0/0/1
Q5:   0/0/3
Tot:   7/2/9

Round 2 Spins

We start Round 2 with Jeff the only one to hit a Whammy in Round 1. Jeff starts off by hitting a Wine Cart worth $680 and then Big Bucks for $3000 + Spin and then $500 + Spin and a Mountain BIke worth $649. But then things turned sour. Jeff hit the NSYNC Whammy! Jeff did hit $3000 + Spin on his next spin but after that he hit the Pizza Double Whammy! With five spins left but three Whammies, Jeff passed those spins to Penelope! But she'd have time to contemplate those spins because she was last. Next up was Mia!

Two big spins for Mia as she hit $750 and $1750 with her spins to bring her total to $5599

Now we head to Penelope with seven spins Earned but five spins passed she must first take. And Penelope went on a roll hitting $5000 + Spin, $800, $1000 or Spin Again(she took the $1000), $2000 or Lose One Whammy(with no Whammies to lose, she took $2000!), and an Emerald Ring worth $1000! With $13,039 and seven spins she passed those seven to Mia!

Mia started off well with $4000 + Spin! But Mia then hit a new Double Whammy, the Party Whammy! We move those six Passed spins to the Earned column. Mia then went on a roll hitting a Dining Room Set worth $1298, Garden Furniture worth $600, Jamaica worth $5260 and then $4000 + Spin! And with $11,158 she passed four spins to Penelope!

Penelope doesn't start off well hitting the Lawn Mower Double Whammy! Three Passed spins are moved to the Earned column. Penelope then hits a Celeing Fan worth $560 and then $5000 + Spin! $5,560 and Penelope passes back to Mia!

Mia must take the spins but hits the new Harry Potter Whammy! $11,000+ gone! But still one spin left and Mia takes it and hits Table Lamps worth $520 but it is not enough! And Penelope is our winner today with $5,560!