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Episode #5
April 19th, 2002
The contestants for today's episode are:

Katy  David  Krista

Katy starts off the game hitting Advance Two Spaces to a Tool Set worth $260. David goes next and hits a Snowboard worth $429. Krista is last to go and she hits a Video Security System worth $200. Everyone's made it so far! Whammies are added to the board!

Katy: $1260  David: $1429  Krista: $1200

Katy decides to go again and she hits a Humidor worth $120. David chooses to play and he hits the Radar Detector worth $349. Krista also goes again and hits His and Her Tennis Rackets worth $419. Safe again, but more whammies!

Katy: $1380  David: $1778  Krista: $1619

Katy's in third so she decides to go but she hits a Wrestling Whammy! So it's down to David and Krista. David plays and hits a Virtual Handset TV worth $694. Krista goes also and hits the Television worth $480! More and more Whammies!

Katy: $0  David: $2472  Krista: $2099

David is first now with Katy out and he decides to play and hits an Electronic Organizer worth $289. Krista also goes and hits a big $1250! Still have avoided the Whammy!

Katy: $0  David: $2761  Krista: $3349

David decides to play again and hits an Electric Scooter worth $259. Krista goes and hits a Satellite Dish worth $249! This could take forever!

Katy: $0  David: $3020  Krista: $3598

David trails so he decides to play but he hits a Soprano Whammy! It's Krista's turn but she wisely "Freezes"

Katy: $0  David: $0  Krista: $3598

Round 2 Questions

For some reason I only have down four questions in this Round for some reason. I double checked and it seemed like it was the same. Maybe I just need more sleep. :P  Anyway here's how the totals seemed to me at least.

Q1:  1/1/1
Q2:  1/1/3
Q3:  1/3/1
Q4:  1/1/3
Totals: 4/6/8

Round 2 Spins

Katy has the least $$ and spins so she starts this round hitting $800 and $1750 but then hit the Attic Double Whammy! One spin left and she took it and hit a Hammock worth $790

David is up next and he starts off very well hitting $600, Mountain Bikes worth $649, $900, and a Leather Briefcase worth $746. But next he hit the Exterminator Double Whammy! One spin left and David goes and he hits Big Bucks worth $3000 + Spin! Back in it and David passes that last spin to Krista

One spin Krista must take and she does and hits a trip to the Bahamas worth $3128!  Then with her earned spins Krista went on a roll hitting Move One Space to Puerta Vallarta, Home Computer or $1500 and she took the $1500, next she hit $5000 + Spin, followed by Camping Gear worth $1135, $1750, $700 + Spin, and an Entertainment Center worth $999. With four spins left and over $17k, Krista wisely passed to David!

Four pins David has to take and he hits a Mountain Bike again worth $649, a Dining Room Set worth $1298, and $800. One spin left and down by over $10k, David needs something with a spin to stay in the game. Here comes the last passed spin.......stop at $600 and it's not enough and Krista wins with $17,809 in cash and prizes!