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Whammy! Episode #4
Episode #4
April 18th, 2002
Today's players are

Shakeh  Emily  Alan

Shakeh goes first and hits $350. Emily is next and hits Wireless Speakers worth $250. Next is Alan and he hits His and Her Chariot BIkes worth $360. Everyone is safe, for now. More Whammies, if you please!

Shakeh: $1350  Emily: $1250  Alan: $1360

Shakeh wants to keep going but she hits a Bungee Jumping Whammy! That leaves just Emily and Alan this round. Emily goes next and hits $470. Alan spins and hits a Whale Watching Tour worth $300. We've had one victim so far! And now more Whammies!

Shakeh: $0  Emily: $1720  Alan: $1660

Emily isn't ahead by a lot so she plays and hits a Garden Fountain worth $560. Alan also goes and he hits a Las Vegas Getaway worth $750! More Whammies!

Shakeh: $0  Emily: $2280  Alan: $2410

Wmily still trails so she presses and hits an MP3 Player worth $200. Jerry also goes but he hits a Magician Whammy!

Shakeh: $0  Emily: $2480  Alan: $0

Emily wisely decides to "Freeze" here. And these are the scores going into Round 2!

Shakeh: $0  Emily: $2480  Alan: $0

Round 2 Questions

This was a very interesting question round due to a rotten answer given by Alan. Here's how it went(this is paraphrasing, of course):

Todd: "What vehicle is used by participants in the Tour de France?"
Alan: [BUZZ] "Uh  um.... SUV's!"
Todd: "Is it SUV's, Go-karts, or Bicylces?"

Spin totals:

Q1:   1/1/3
Q2:   1/1/3
Q3:   1/1/0
Q4:   0/1/3
Q5:   1/1/0
Totals: 4/5/9

Round 2 Spins

Shakeh starts off Round 2 with the least amount of $$ and spins. But it's not a good start as she hits a Pillow Fighting Double Whammy! Shakeh keeps going and hits $1750 but then she hits a Boy Band Whammy! She'd better be careful, 1 more and she's gone. Shakeh plays her last spin and hits Waikiki worth $3978!

Next up is Alan who starts with $0 but wouldn't stay that way for long. He hits Big Bucks worth $4000 + Spin, a CD Burner worth $549 and then $5000 + Spin! Alan decided to pass his remaining 8 spins to Shakeh with $9549.

Shakeh takes that first spin and hits Luggage worth $660. But then she hit the Basketball Double Whammy and she's out of the game. And we go to commercial!

Next up is Emily with $2480 and 5 spins. She goes on a roll hitting a Brass Bed worth $1500, a Washer Dryer worth $1000 and a Home Computer worth $1843! But with two spins left and less than $3000 away from Alan, Emily hits a Cell Phone Whammy! With only one spin left, Emily decides to go for it, needing an extra spin to stay in the game but she hits a Ceiling Fan worth only $560, which means Alan wins the game with $9,549!