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Whammy! Episode #3
Episode #3
April 17th, 2002
Let's get this started! Today's players are:

Sean  Christine  Dawn

Sean plays first starts off with $525. Christine goes next hitting a Hot Air Balloon Ride worth $270. Dawn goes next hitting $740! Safe through the first go-around. More Whammies are added!

Sean: $1525  Christine: $1270  Dawn: $1740

Sean goes again and hits Move One Space to $470 or a Bookstore Gift Card. Sean takes the $470. Christine also goes again and hits a Basketball Arcade Game worth $250! Dawn also goes again hitting Move One Space to a Whale Watching Tour or the Bookstore Gift Card. Dawn takes the Gift Card worth $400. Everyone safe again, more whammies added!

Sean: $1995  Christine: $1520  Dawn: $2140

Sean decides to go again and it's a good thing because he hit $1500! Christine also goes again and hits His and Her Chariot Bikes worth $360. Dawn also goes and hits Tango Lessons worth $300! Safe again, more whammies!

Sean: $3495  Christine: $1880  Dawn: $2440

Sean has had enough, he's not risking it! Sean freezes! Christine has to go and she hits a Video Collection worth $400. Dawn also presses and hits a Sewing Machine worth $495! Everyone safe again, even more whammies!

Sean: F $3495 F  Christine: $2280  Dawn: $2935

Christine needs to catch up so she plays and hits another prize! Wireless Speakers worth $250. Dawn also has to go and she does but she hits a Bungee Jumping Whammy!

Sean: F $3495 F  Christine: $2530  Dawn: $0

Dawn's the only one left and she wants first place! She goes again and hits $470! Her first non-prize

Sean: F $3495 F  Christine: $3000  Dawn: $0

Going again! and she hits Table Lamps worth....$400! $95 short of 1st place!

Sean: F $3495 F  Christine: $3400  Dawn: $0

One more time! Can she do it? Yes! She does! Stop at a TV worth $480!

Sean: $3495  Christine: $3880  Dawn: $0

Round 2 questions

Everyone did well in this question round! They had a perfect score going until question four when Dawn buzzed in but answered incorrectly and didn't earn any spins. Here are the totals

Q1:       1/1/3
Q2:       1/3/1
Q3:       3/1/1
Q4:       1/1/0
Q5:       1/1/1

Totals:   7/7/6

Round 2 Spins

Dawn starts off with $0 but 6 spins and starts off well with $600, Golf Clubs worth $559 and a Massage Chair worth $2795! Then she hit a blast from the past...$2000 or Lose One Whammy! Since she only had one Whammy she chose the $2000 bringing her total to $5949. That wasn't enough for her so she pressed and got an Entertainment Center worth $1199, $750 + Spin, and a Pool Table worth $1290! First place for now! We go to Sean!

Sean starts on a hot streak hitting Jamaica worth $4560! He then hit Luggage worth $660, $500, and the Brass Bed(another blast from the past, what's next the Flokati Rug? ;) worth $1500. Sean had three spins left and $10,715 and he decided to pass the three to Dawn! And here's the commercial break!

Dawn has to take all three and she starts off ok with $750 bringing her total to $9938. But then she lost it all to an Attic Dwelling Double Whammy. Back down to zero but she'd soon be back by hitting $4000 + Spin! She'd still need more spins to catch up but she hit a Kayak worth $1795 bringing her total to $5795 but anything can happen as Todd pointed out. We finally go to Christine!

Christine starts off very well by hitting $3000 + Spin, a Refrigerator worth $1200 and then $3000 + Spin again bringing her total quickly to $11,080. She then decided to pass ALL six of her spins left to Sean!

Sean starts off with a Surround Sound Audio System worth $1000, and a Home Computer worth $1843! Sean then hit Move One Space to $600 or the Bahamas! Hmm...I wonder! Lol! Sean takes the Bahamas worth $3128! Three spins he still had to take though. He hit $1100, and then Move One Space to Palm Springs or $2000 or Lose One Whammy. Sean decided to take the $2000 since he didn't have any Whammies to lose(I guess he doesn't like Palm Springs, lol). One more spin to go! Whammy and Christine's the Champ, anything else and either Sean wins or the game continues. Sean spins and hits $700 + Spin! Game is not over! Sean is now at $20,486. Sean is no Skyler! He wisely passes that spin to Christine.

Christine needs somehing with a spin to stay in the game, anything else and Sean wins. Christine goes.......and hits a Double Whammy! And Sean wins with an incredible $20,486!!!! Sean walks away with a lot of prizes, and they include trips to Jamaica, and the Bahamas. Sean also wins Luggage, a Brass Bed, a Surround Sound Audio System, and a Home Computer! Congrats to Sean!