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Whammy Episode #2
Episode 2
April 16th, 2002
Today's contestants are Amy, Grommet and Sha!

Round 1 has a lot of prizes hit. Amy started off hitting a Bookstore Gift Card worth $400. Grommet went next and hit a Sewing Machine worth $489. Sha went next and hit $450. Everyone safe after 1 go at the board

Amy: $1400  Grommet: $1489  Sha: $1450

Amy wants to go and she does and hits a Gold Bracelet worth $441. Grommet goes next and hits a Marble Chess Set worth $200. Sha goes next and hit the Electric Scooter worth $219. Again everyone is safe.

Amy: $1841  Grommet: $1689  Sha: $1669

Amy wants to go again and hits an Espresso Maker worth $449. Grommet also wants to go but he hits an Iron Chef Whammy! Grommet is now out. Sha goes next and hits a big $1250! One casualty to the Whammy so far...

Amy: $2290  Grommet: $0  Sha: $2919

Amy's behind so she presses on but hits a Spelling Bee Whammy! Now it's all Sha and she wisely decides to "Freeze" and will play last in Round 2!

Round 2 questions

Lots of spins were earned in Round 2, Amy got 8, Grommet got 8 and Sha got 3. One question was painfully easy. The cranium holds in which body organ? The brain! Duh!

Round 2 Spins

Again the scores heading into Round Two:

Amy: $0  Grommet: $0  Sha: $2919

Amy started off with the first Big Bucks hit for $3000 + Spin! She then went on a roll hitting $900, a Computer Work Station worth $500, Home Computer worth $1843, Camping Gear worth $1135 and His and Hers Watches worth $800! With three spins left and $8178 Amy passes to Sha in first place!

We go to Grommet with $0 but 8 big spins and Grommet starts off with $600 and then another Big Bucks worth $4000 + Spin! Unfortunately for him he then hit a Gardening Double Whammy on his next spin! He kept pressing though hitting $700 + Spin, an Entertainment Center worth $1199 and then a trip to Waikiki worth $3978 bringing his total to $5877 at the break! The return from commercial wasn't kind to Grommet as he hit two straight Double Whammies, a ping pong one and a pizza dough one and that knocked Grommet out of the game.

Now we go to Sha with 3 Passed spins she must take first and 3 earned spins. She hit some fancy technology to start out with first a CD Burner worth $549 and a Portable DVD player worth $1699! But then a popcorn Double Whammy took all that away. Sha pressed again though and hit $800 but then Whammies again, though it was a regular Whammy this time, the Tarzan Whammy. With two spins left, Sha pressed on and hit a Dishwasher worth $500. Down by over $7000, Sha passes the last spin to Amy in hopes of a Whammy......



A DOUBLE WHAMMY! That means Sha wins the game with a $500 Dishwasher! What an exciting game!