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Episode #15
May 3rd, 2002
Week 4 of Whammt starts off with:


Scott kinda looks like Scott Hostetler who was on Classic PYL and Classic MG, if you ask me. But no one did ask, so I'll move on!

Key: (F)- "Freeze"     (G)- Round 1 GEM hit

Scott: $1000  Sharon: $1000  Michelle: $1000

Speaking of which Scott starts off this game on the wrong foot hitting the Judge Judy Whammy! Next is Sharon who hits a Hot Air Balloon Ride worth $375. Michelle is last and hits an Electronic Dartboard worth $269. We've already had one fall victim? Who's next? More Whammies, will help determine that!

Scott: $0  Sharon: $1375  Michelle: $1269

In the next go around, Sharon hits a Security System worth $200. Michelle presses and hits $1000! We add some more Whammies!

Scott: $0  Sharon: $1575  Michelle: $2269

Sharon is behind so she plays and hits $300. Michelle isn't head by a lot so she plays and hits $1250! More Whammies!

Scott: $0  Sharon: $1875  Michelle: $3519

Sharon again is behind so she plays and hits His and Her Bathrobes worth $300. Michelle has had enough and she "Freezes"!

Scott: $0  Sharon: $2175  Michelle: $3519(F)

Sharon needs to play and she does but hits the Wrestling Whammy!

Scott: $0  Sharon: $0  Michelle: $3519

Round 2 Questions

Pretty uneventful question round.

Q1:     3/1/1
Q2:     3/1/1
Q3:     1/1/3
Q4:     1/1/0
Q5:     3/0/0
Tot:    11/4/5

Round 2 Spins

Key: M1S- Move One Space  $2000/LOW- $2000 or Lose One Whammy  GB2S- Go Back Two Spaces  A2S- Advance Two Spaces  $1000/SA- $1000 or Spin Again

Scott and Sharon are tied with the least $$ so Sharon with the fewest spins, goes first with 4 spins and $0!

Sharon first hits M1S to Hawaii, $750 + Spin or $1100 and Sharon takes the $750 + Spin. Sharon next hits a Sofa worth $1249. But on her next spin Sharon hits the Snowboarding Double Whammy! Two spins left and Sharon hits a Hammock worth $790 and a VCR and Video Collection worth $525 bringing her total to $1315. Now, on to Scott with $0 but 11 big spins!

Scott starts off pretty good hitting $2000/LOW for $2000 and $1750. But on his next spin Scott hit the Exterminator Double Whammy. He still has 8 spins left and he takes them hitting $1000/SA and Scott chose the $1000 and $1500. On his next spin though, Scott hits a new Whammy, the Cappucino Whammy! One more Whammy and Scott is out, but he goes anyway and hits $1200 and then Big Bucks for $5000 + Spin! Scott has 4 spins left and $6200 and Scott passes those 4 to Michelle and she has to take all 4!

Michelle starts off great hitting a trip to Cabo San Lucas worth $3745 bringing her total to $7264 before she hit the Ping Pong Double Whammy. Those 2 passed spins now move to the earned column to give her now 7 earned spins and she presses. But she hits the Attic Double Whammy! Now she's in the same predicament as Scott with one more Whammy meaning Michelle is out of the game. But just like Scott she presses on and hits $1750, a Portable DVD Player worth $1699, $1400, a Gold Bracelet worth $500 and a Personal Chef for a day worth $1050! That brings her total to $6399 and one spin left. If she passes and Scott Whammies, Michelle wins. If Scott gets anything without a spin he wins. If Scott gets something with a spin, he'll deal with it when the time comes. If Michelle plays and hits a Whammy Scott wins. If Michelle gets anything else without a spin Michelle wins and if Michelle gets a spin we'll deal with it when the time comes. Michelle decides to play, leading by only $199! Here we go!....................




........Michelle hits.....

....a DOUBLE WHAMMY! That mins Scott is our winner today with $6,200 all in cold hard cash!  What a game and what a finish!