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Episode #15
May 3rd, 2002
Boy am I bushed. Here are the players:


Melissa's mom was on the Classic PYL in 1986! Too bad GSN hasn't aired any non-84 eps so we could see what she looked like and how she did(although Melissa later said her mom won over $10k and other prizes!)

Key:   (F)-"Freeze"    (G)-hit Round 1 GEM Car Space  

Anyway, Jason starts off this game hitting $470. Next is Melissa who hits Wireless Speakers worth $250. Rhomeyn goes last and hits a Food Processor worth $140. Safe all around! But we add more Whammies!

Jason: $1470  Melissa: $1250  Rhomeyn: $1140

Jason decides to play again and he hits Go Back Two Spaces to a Diving Watch worth $380. Melissa also plays and hits a River Rafting Trip worth $500. Rhomeyn also goes and hits a Hilo Hittie Gift Certificate worth $300. No one fell victim yet, but more Whammies are added!

Jason: $1850  Melissa: $1750  Rhomeyn: $1440

Jason goes again and hits GEM or Spin Again! Jason can take the "GEM" and be eligible to win the GEM Car in Round 2 worth almost $7000, or if he wants more $$ now he can Spin Again. Jason takes the "GEM"! Melissa deicdes to go and she hits a Breadmaker worth $149. Rhomeyn is in third so he goes also and hits a CD Cabinet worth $216. Safe again! More Whammies!

Jason: $1850(G)  Melissa: $1899  Rhomeyn: $1656

Jason doesn't want to lose his chance for the GEM Car and he "Freezes'! Melissa isn't too far ahead so she presses but she hits the Karate Whammy! Now it's all up to Rhomeyn to catch up but he hits the Magician Whammy! Which mean Jason is the only one eligible for the GEM Car and he's in first after Round 1!

Jason: $1850  Melissa: $0  Rhomeyn: $0

Round 2 Questions

Lots of spins earned here!

Q1:    1/1/3
Q2:    1/0/1
Q3:    1/1/3
Q4:    1/3/0
Q5:    1/1/3
Tot:   5/6/10

Round 2 Spins

Player with the least amount of money is first but it's a tie between Rhomeyn and Melissa. Least spins goes first and that's Melissa, with 6.

Melissa starts off hitting $800, Luggage worth $660, $600 and then $3000 + Spin! With $5060 and 3 spins left Melissa passes those 3 to Jason! But he won't take them yet, because we go first to Rhomeyn with 10 big spins!

Rhomeyn doesn't start off well at all hitting first the Dynomite Whammy, $500, and then the Verizon Whammy! All of a sudden one more Whammy and Rhomeyn is out! But Rhomeyn can't win with nothing so he keeps playing and hits $3000 + Spin, Binoculars worth $633, and Big Bucks for $3000 + Spin! Rhomeyn, with $6633 passes his six remaining spins to Melissa!

Melissa has to take all six! She starts off ok hitting $1000 or Spin Again and Melissa takes the $1000 but Melissa hits the Bungee Whammy on her next spin! We move the remaining 4 passed spins to the earned column. Melissa deicdes to press and hits Recliners worth $598 and a Motor Scooter worth $600 but then she hit the Cooking Whammy! Only one spin left and Melissa takes it hitting Move One Space to a Portable DVD Player or $800. Melissa chooses the $800.

Finally we move to Jason with 3 spins passes and 5 earned!

Jason starts off well hitting $2000/Lose One Whammy and since Jason has no Whammies he takes the $2000, and $1400 but Jason hits the Firehose Double Whammy on his last passed spin! But he still has 5 spins to work with and he goes and hits Italian Crystal worth $655 but hits the Emeril Lagasse Whammy! He's going again and hits $1100 but hits the Marriage Double Whammy on his next spin giving him $0 and only one spin. After much debating, Jason decides to be the nice guy and pass it to Rhomeyn to give Melissa a chance to win!

Rhomeyn has to take it. If he hits a Whammy Melissa wins, anything else and Rhomeyn wins, unless it's a spin, in which case he has a decision to make! Here we goo!  ........




.....Rhomeyn hits....Move One Space to a Portable DVD Player or $800! Either one gives Rhomeyn the win! Rhomeyn takes the $800 giving him a grand total of $7,433