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Episode #14
May 2nd, 2002
Back on track here. The players are:


Sandy has a HIGH voice! Sounds like Patti Deutsch or Joyce Bulifant from Match Game. Maybe even worse!

Anyway, on to the game, Terry starts off and hits the CD Cabinet worth $216. Next is Sandy who hits an Electronic Organizer worth $289. Grant is next but he hits the George Foreman Grill Whammy! One down already! But we add more Whammies!

Terry: $1216  Sandy: $1289  Grant: $0

Down to two, Terry is behind so he goes and hits the Las Vegas Getaway worth $750. Sandy also goes and hits a Mosaic Fountain worth $299. More Whammies please!

Terry: $1966  Sandy: $1588  Grant: $0

Terry oddly decides to "Freeze" with only a lead of less than $300. Sandy presses and hits the Satellite Dish worth $200. Not there yet!

Terry: $1966(F)  Sandy: $1788  Grant: $0

Sandy of course goes again and hits $1000! First place for Sandy!

Terry: $1966(F)  Sandy: $2788  Grant: $0

Sandy surprisingly presses her luck but it pays off as she hits $1250!

Terry: $1966(F)  Sandy: $4038  Grant: $0

Of course Sandy isn't that dumb and she "Freezes" with $038 and the lead!

Round 2 Questions

A perfect question round was thwarted on question 4 by a buzz in by Sandy, but it wouldn't have mattered becaue Grant, who would've had 15 had he gotten it right, gave the wrong answer. In fact everyone did. Who was the first president to appear on TV? JFK, Ike Eisenhower or FDR. No one said Ike, and we like Ike because that was the right answer. No one liked Ike there because no one got any spins because of him!

Q1:      1/1/3
Q2:      0/1/3
Q3:      1/1/3
Q4:      0/0/0
Q5:      0/0/3
Tot:     2/3/12

Round 2 Spins

Player with the least $$ plays first and that's Grant with $0 but 12 big spins!

Grant didn't start off too great hitting the Firehose Double Whammy! But then he goes on a roll! He hits a Projection TV worth $1699, a Mobile PC worth $1599, $1000 or Spin Again(he took the $1000), a Hammock worth $790, Move One Space to Palm Springs, a Double Whammy, or $750 + Spin(he took Palm Springs worth $825), $1000 or Spin Again(he took $1000 again), Advance Two Spaces to a GPS Watch worth $500, and Diamond Earrings worth $1399. WHEW! Three spins left and $8812 and Grant passes those 3 spins to Sandy! But she won't take them yet as we go to Terry with $1966 and two spins!

Terry starts off with $500 + Spin but then hits the Snowboard Double Whammy! One spin left and he hits a Mountain Bike worth $649. One to Sandy with 3 spins earned and 3 passed and $4038!

Sandy goes on a roll with those spins hitting $900, $600, Advance Two Spaces to an Office Armoire worth $799, and then $5000 + Spin! Three spins left and $11,337 and Sandy passes those three spins back to Grant!

Grant hits a Men's Leather Jacket on the first spin worth $1200 but then Grant hit the Ping Pong Double Whammy! Down to $0 and only one spin left. Grant needs something with an additional spin if he keeps going or something worth $11,338, otherwise Sandy wins. If he passes and Sandy Whammies, Grant wins. Grant decides to play! But he only hits a Pool Table worth $1290 and Sandy the Squealer wins today with a total of $11,337!