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Episode #13
May 1st, 2002
After a bit of a delay no thanks to AOL, here are the players:


Today we see the the earlier font size for the $$ amount on the big board, which is smaller like the one seen on Brad Francini's preview video that he used to have up. On to the game! Also, no GEM Car is offered in this episode

Kim starts off by hitting the Mega CD Player worth $300. Lori goes next and hits a big $1500! Ryan goes next and hits a Las Vegas Getaway worth $750. Everyone safe, but we add more Whammies!

Kimberly: $1300  Lori: $2500  Ryan: $1750

Kimberly is third so she plays and hits a Snowboard worth $429. Next is Lori and she presses hitting an MP3 Player worth $200. Ryan also goes and hits $500. Safe again, would you like Whammies with that?

Kimberly: $1729  Lori: $2700  Ryan: $2250

Kim's still in third so she goes and hits a Sapphire Necklace worth $330, Lori decides she's had enough and "Freezes". Ryan goes but he hits the Emeril Lagasse Whammy! All of sudden, we're down to one! More Whammies!

Kimberly: $2059  Lori: $2700(F)  Ryan: $0

Kim wants first place so she keeps going and hits His and Hers Rollerblades worth $280!

Kimberly: $2339  Lori: $2700(F)  Ryan: $0

Kim goes again and she hits a Computer Workstation worth....$500! First place is hers! But does she feel the need for Greed?  Wait....wrong show!

Kimberly: $2839  Lori: $2700(F)  Ryan: $0

Kim doesn't feel that need and "Freezes"!

Kimberly: $2839  Lori: $2700  Ryan: $2250

Round 2 Questions

Not a great question round although Kim did get 8 spins. Poor Lori only gets 2! Everyone missed question two.

Q1:   1/0/0
Q2:   0/0/0
Q3:   1/1/3
Q4:   3/0/1
Q5:   3/1/1
Tot:  8/2/5

Round 2 Spins

Ryan starts off Round two since he has the least money at $0 but he does have 5 spins!

Ryan starts off great hitting $5000 + Spin! He went on a roll after that spinning fast, but spining well! He next hit a Media Cabinet worth $999, $750 + Spin, a Man's Watch worth $1395, Advance Two Spaces to a Pool Table(for Dan?) worth $1290 and $3000 + Spin! Ryna had $12,434 and passed those spins to Kimberly in first place. But because she's in first she won't touch them yet because we go first to Lori with $2700 and 2 spins.

Lori starts off by hitting $2000/Lose One Whammy and since she has no Whammies, she takes the $2000. On her last spin she hits an Office Armoire worth $799 bringing her total to $5499 and second place for now. We go to Kimberly with 8 spins earned, and 2 spins passed and $2839.

Two spins she must take first and on the first one she hits the Magician Whammy! We move that passed spin to the earned column since she Whammied giving her 9 big spins in which she went on a roll on. She started off small hitting $1200, then a Persian Rug worth $2000, $600, Maui worth $3800, a Houseboat Vacation worth $3995(sound familiar?) and a Women's Watch worth $1250 bringing her total to $12,845 which is $411 more than Ryan. Three spins left and she passes them to Ryan!

Ryan started off hitting $1000 or Spin Again and Ryan chose the $1000! Two more to go, and Ryan hits $750! One left, avoid the Whammy, and Ryan is the champ. Hit a Whammy and Kim wins. Here we go!  And Ryan hits $500       + Spin! Not over yet! Ryan contemplates what he'll do...and he's going for it! Gutsy move by Ryan! He's going again .......





 ...........he hits a WHAMMY! And Kimberly wins! With $12,845! What a game! Ryan went for it but lost it all! Also, this is the first aired episode in which no Double Whammies were hit!