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Episode #12
April 30th, 2002
Today we have:


Chana starts off by hitting Movie Tickets for a Year worth $520! I'm sure we could all use that! Next was Sara and she hit the Chauferred Limo worth $550! David is last and he hits a Mega CD Player worth $230! No Whammies this time, but we add some more!

Chana:  $1520  Sara: $1550  David: $1230

Chana wants more so she keeps going and hits GEM or Spin Again! Chana not surprisingly takes the GEM! Next is Sara and she hits $300. David is last so he goes and hits $525! Again, Whammy free! But more are added!

Chana:  $1520  Sara: $1850  David: $1755

Chana wants the best of both worlds, the GEM Car and 1st place so she keeps going but hits the Spelling Bee Whammy! There goes the GEM Car for Chana. Sara and David can still get it though. Sara decides to press and hits the Surfboard worth $480! David also goes and hits Go Back Two Spaces to an Indoor Rotisserie worth $319! One down, 2 to go! More Whammies!

Chana:  $0  Sara: $2330  David: $2074

Sara is in first but she decides to go but she hits the Godfather Whammy! It's David's turn but he wisely decides to "Freeze"!

Chana:  $0  Sara: $0  David: $2074

Round 2 Questions

No one earns a great amount of spins this time. Eight is the highest amount.

Q1:   3/1/1
Q2:   1/1/0
Q3:   1/3/1
Q4:   0/3/1
Q5:   1/0/1
Tot:   6/8/4

Round 2 Spins

Tie for last place so least spins starts Round 2 and that's Chana with 6 spins and $0!

Chana starts off by hitting Table Lamps worth $520 but then hits the Snowboard Double Whammy! Four spins left and Chana keeps going and she hits Move One Space to a Refrigerator, a Double Whammy, or a Dining Room Set and she takes the Dining Room Set worth $2180. That's the first time on Whammy! that someone has hit a directional space with a Whammy as an option! Anyway, Chana goes one more time and hits $700! With $2880 and 2 spins she passes those 2 spins to David! He won't take them now because we go first to Sara with 8 big spins and $0!

Sara starts off well hitting Dinnerware worth $843 and then the Vermont Ski Week worth $3350! But then Sara hit the Pizza Double Whammy! Five spins left and she keeps going and goes on a roll hitting the Personal Chef worth $1050, Garden Furniture worth $600, $500 + Spin and $4000 + Spin! Sara has $6150 and decides to keep going but she hits the Tarzan Whammy! Back to zero but she still has 2 spins left and she takes the first and hits the Sharper Image Collection worth $1156! She's going again and she hits $3000 + Spin! One spins elft and $4150 and Sara passes that spin to Chana!

Chana takes that spin needing $2000 to go back ahead of Sara but instead Chana hits the Pillow Double Whammy! Down to zero, and we finally go to David! Four earned spins, 2 passed and $2074!

David starts ok by hitting $700 but then he hits the Basketball Double Whammy! Four earned spins he can do anything with though and he takes them! But he doesn't have too much success. He starts off by hitting the Digital Camcorder worth $899 but next  hits the Harry Potter Whammy. Two spins left and David goes again hitting $900. One spin left. David needs something worth $3251 or better to win or something with an additional spin to keep going. But if he passed to Sara and she Whammies, David wins with $900. David decides to play but he hits only $2000/Lose One Whammy which is not enough either way and Sara wins the game with $4,156!