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Episode #11
April 29th, 2002
Today we have:


No Daniel isn't me, unfortunately! Maybe someday it will!

Anyway, Renee starts off by hitting a Satellite Dish and Receiver worth $249. Next is Daniel and he hits Move One Space to $470 or an MP3 Watch and Daniel takes the MP3 Watch worth $200. Next is Brenda and she hits a Radar Detector worth $349! Three prizes and no Whammies, but we add some of the latter to the board!

Renee: $1249  Daniel: $1200  Brenda: $1349

Renee decides to press but she hits a new Whammy, the Britney Spears Whammy! Two left, Daniel plays and hits $740. Brenda also goes and hits a Borders Card worth $400. More Whammies please!

Renee: $0  Daniel: $1940  Brenda: $1749

Daniel risks first place by going again and he hits a Spencer's Gift Card worth $250. Brenda is behind so she goes but she hits the Cooking Whammy! Daniel's the last one standing. More Whammies though!

Renee: $0  Daniel: $2190  Brenda: $0

Daniel wants that GEM Car but he wisely decides to "Freeze"!

Renee: $0  Daniel: $2190  Brenda: $0

Round 2 Questions

Lots of spins earned this time!

Q1:   1/3/1
Q2:   1/3/1
Q3:   1/1/3
Q4:   1/3/1
Q5:   1/0/1
Tot:  5/10/7

Round 2 Spins

Tie for last place so the least spins goes first which is Renee!

Renee starts off well by hitting Table Lamps worth $520 and a Vermont Ski Week worth $3350! I wouldn't mind getting that myself! But unfortunately for Renee she hit the Grocery Double Whammy on her next spin! Two spins left and she decides to go and hits a Home Theater System worth $599 and a Diamond Ring worth $1200 bringing her total to $1799. Second place and we go to Brenda! $0 and 7 big spins!

Brenda goes on a roll right away hitting Dinnerware(not Dinner Wear like Classic PYL!) worth $843, $1000 or Spin Again, and Brenda took the $1000, a Mountain Bike worth $649 and $750 + Spin bringing her total to $3242 and 4 spins. Brenda possibly feels a Whammy coming on so she passes those 4 spins to Daniel!

Daniel has 4 spins he must take first and he hits Recliners worth $568, $500 + Spin, and a Ruby and Diamond Pendant worth $1160 but on his last passed spin he hit the Fire Hose Double Whammy! Now 11 earned spins he can do anything with and he deicdes to press! A good start for Daniel as he hits $800 and then $4000 + Spin! But it wen sour from there as Daniel hit the Basketball Double Whammy! Daniel went again and hit the Kayak worth $1795 but lost it when he hit another Double Whammy, this time the Wedding one! Seven spins left, one more Whammy and Daniel is out and Brenda wins, but Daniel keeps going and hits Italian Crystal worth $600. Six spins left and he's going again and hits $500 bringing his total to $1100 with 5 spins left. Going again and he hits a Ceiling Fan worth $560 bringing his total to $1660 and 4 spins left! Daniel is daringly avoiding the Whammy! But he's still third place so he goes again and hits $500 + Spin to bring his total to $2160, 2nd place, and still 4 spins and Daniel's going again! Risking it....and he hits $800! His total is now $2960 and 3 spins left! One more time he says and he hits.......$1100! First place, $4060, and 2 spins and finally he decides to pass them to Brenda!

Brenda only trails Daniel by about $800 but she hits the Cannonball Whammy bringing her total to $0! One spin left. If she goes she has to get something worth $4061 or better to win or something with an additional spin to keep going. Or she could pass and if Daniel Whammies, Renee wins. Brenda decides to play and she hits.........$750 but it is not enough! And Daniel is the Champion with $4,060!