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Whammy! Episode #10
Episode #10
April 26th, 2002
The contestants today are:


Paulette starts things off by hitting the Chauferred Limo worth $550! Beau went next
and hit $350. Shari is next and hits a Houseware GIft Package worth $250. Everyone
makes it through with no Whammies! But we add some more!

Paulette: $1550  Beau: $1350  Shari: $1250

Surprisingly Paulette decides to "Freeze" already. Maybe she senses the Whammy's
presence? Or maybe she just wants that Limo ride! Anyway, Beau is next and he hits
the Snowboard worth $429. Shari goes on and hits the Surfboard worth $480! And that
gives us two very "board" players.  Ha! Bad joke, I know! ;)

Paulette: $1550(F)  Beau: $1779  Shari: $1730

Beau isn't ahead by a lot so he plays and hits the Scanner worth $179. Shari also
decides to play and hits $525. Still no Whammies, but we add more to the board!

Paulette: $1550(F)  Beau: $1958  Shari: $2255

Beau is behind so he plays on and hits a Beverly Hills Shopping Spree worth $500!
Shari also decides to go and she hits $300. Again, no Whammies! More please!

Paulette: $1550(F)  Beau: $2458  Shari: $2555

Beau is behind again and he plays and he hits an Outdoor Fountain worth $299! Shari
also decides to go and hits GEM or Spin Again! If Shari takes the GEM she will be
eligible to win the GEM Car! And she takes the GEM space!

Paulette $1550(F)  Beau: $2757  Shari: $2555

Both Beau and Shari decide to "Freeze"! And we have our first Whammy-free Round 1
in Whammy! history!

Round 2 Questions

Q1:    1/1/0
Q2:    1/1/3
Q3:    1/1/3
Q4:    1/3/1
Q5:    0/1/0
Tot:   4/7/7

Round 2 Spins

Paulette starts off because she's in third place. She starts off hitting Garden Furniture
worth $600 but then hits the Wedding Double Whammy! Paulette keeps going and hits
 a Persian Rug(hey, where's the Flokati?) worth $2820(that ain't no Flokati for sure).
Next she hits a Digital Piano worth $2695 bringing her total to $5515! First place for
Paulette and now we go to Shari! Can she hit the GEM space here in Round 2?

Shari starts off by hitting Living Room Furniture worth $1000 but then she hits the
Exterminator Whammy! And the GEM Car won't be won. But Shari stil has 5 spins.
And she hits $1100 and then $3000 + Spin! But then she hit the Grocery Whammy!
Shari keeps going though and hits $700 + Spin, $750 + Spin, a Home Theater System
 worth $599 and then $3000 + Spin! With 2 Spins left and $5049 she passes those two
 to to Paulette!

Paulette hits $500 but then she hits the Ping Pong Double Whammy!

Up next is Beau with $2757 and 7 big spins and he starts off with $500, then $3000 +
Spin and a trip to Maui worth $3800! With $10,357 and 5 spins he passes them back
 to Shari!

Five spins Shari must take and on her first she hits a Brass Bed worth $1500! Next
she hits Move One Space to Golf Clubs, a Champagne Package or $1750 and she
wisely takes $1750 bringing her total to $8,299! On her next spin she hits a Sharper
Image GIft Package worth $1156! Up to $9455! Shari is $902 away from the lead! Next
she hits a Las Vegas Vacation worth......$750! Her total is $10,205! She is now $152
away from first. Pretty much anything but a Whammy give Shari the game. A
Whammy and Shari is heartbroken and Beau wins. Here we go! Last spin!




....And Shari stops at a ....


Portable DVD Player worth $1699 and Shari wins an incredible game!  What a
comeback! $11,904!