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Whammy! Episode #1
Episode #1
April 15th, 2002
Pictures are below, see the sounds page for Sounds!

The premeire episode of Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck starts out with Todd welcoming us to the new version. Then the players came in and intro'd themselves and once that was done we were on to the game! Todd explained the rules of the new 1st round. Everyone starts with $1000 and take turns spinning at the board, each time they have a chance to freeze with what they have, or press their luck. Each the three players take a spin, however, more Whammies are added to the board. Let's see what happened.

Laura started things off by hitting Sky Diving lessons wirth $375. Skyler went next and hit a big $1500! Then Jerry went and hit His and Hers Tennis Rackets worth $418

Laura: $1375  Skyler: $2500  Jerry: $1418

More Whammies were added to the board and Laura decided to keep going and hit a gold bracelet worth $441. Skyler went again and hit $300. Jerry also went again and hit $740.

Laura: $1816  Skyler: $2800  Jerry: $2158

More Whammies added, Laura goes again and hits the infamous $470. Skyler also goes and hits an Electric Scooter worth $259. Jerry went again and hit a Hemidor worth $120.

Laura: $2286  Skyler: $3059  Jerry: $2278

More Whammies added again but this time, Laura decided to freeze. Skyler risks going again but hits $1250! Jerry also goes again but hits the first Whammy, a Judge Judy parody!

Laura: $2286(F)  Skyler: $4309  Jerry: $0

More Whammies are added and Skyler goes again! Really pressing his luck! One too many times though as he hits a Sopranos-like Whammy!

Laura: $2286  Skyler: $0  Jerry: $0

Those are the scores going into Round 2!

There was a 2nd Round question Round which is the same as Classic PYL except with 5 questions. One of the more interesting questions:

Todd: Who played Jeff Scipoli in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High?"
*Skyler buzzes in* SEAN PENN!!!
Although Skyler got that one, on an earlier question he though winter began in January. :P

At the end of the question round:

Laura: 7 Spins  Skyler: 6 Spins  Jerry: 5 Spins

Let's hit the Big Board!

Again the scores were: Laura: $2286  Skyler: $0  Jerry: $0

Jerry started off the second round of spinning with $1200 but then hit two straight double Whammies! One with feathers and one with popcorn! He was down to two spins and went again and hit an Indoor Soccer Table worth $899 and then hit $3000 + Spin! He decided to go again with his last spin and hit a Ranch Vacation worth $3692!

Skyler then went next and hit a Nightvision Scope worth $600 and then he hit $1200 but he hit a basketball Double Whammy with his next spin. Three spins left and he goes again hitting $700 + Spin, $550, and $1750! Unfortunately for Skyler, he hit a wet(not in a perverted way :P) Double Whammy on his last spin.

Laura went next and started off with His and Her Watches worth $800, $900 and $700 + Spin but then Laura was stopped by two straight Double Whammies! A Grocery Whammy and a Snowboard Whammy. There seemed to be a lot of Whammies in this episode. Anyway, with 3 Spins left, Laura hit $700 + Spin and a trip to Puerto Vallarta worth $2557! She then passed her remaining two spins to Jerry! Two spins he must take with the first he hit $750 and then it came down to one spin. Avoid the Whammy and he's the champ. Hit a Whammy and Laura wins. Here we go.... and Jerry hits a Sapphire Diamond Ring worth $1000 to give Jerry the win with a grand total of $9541, including an Indoor Soccer Table, a Ranch Vacation and a Sapphire Diamond Ring!