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Beat the Clock -  Bud Collyer - 1 Episode


Beat the Clock - Monty Hall - 1 Episode

(CHRT1-11)(1979) Ronnie Schell/Joyce Builifant vs. Patti Deutsch/Johnny Brown
Special All-Star episode for Christmas!

Blockbusters - Bill Cullen - 4 Episodes

(MSCT21-5)(10/27/1980) JoAnne vs. Tom and Joe Hendricks, Nancy vs. T&J Hendricks
Premiere!, GSN split screen, prize plugs
(MSCT22-2)(10/28/1980) Nancy vs. Tom and Joe Hendricks, Georgia vs. T&J Hendricks
GSN split screen during prize plugs
(MSCT22-7)(10/29/1980) Georgia vs. Tom and Joe Hendricks
Question about Jeopardy!, GSN split screen during prize plugs
(Y2PT1-6)(4/23/1982) Finale

Body Language - Tom Kennedy - 3 Episodes

(MSCT1-1)(1984) Vicki Lawrence, Jamie Farr
(MSCT1-12)(1984) Markie Post, Tom Poston
Prize plugs, GSN split screen
(CHRT1-4)(1984) Luceille Ball, Robert Morse, Isabel Sanford, Richard Simmons
Special All-Star episode for Christmas!, clock malfunctions during 2nd round, Jingle Bells played during credits!, prize plugs

Break the Bank - Gene Rayburn -  1 Episode

(ANT1-4)(1985) Sound is a little scratchy, Charles Nelson Reilly is the guest star!

Card Sharks - Jim Perry - 5 Episodes
(ANT1-5)(1978) Pilot #1 with the pilot man, Jack Campion!, scratchy audio, minor set differences, 4 cards played during a tiebreaker, Johnny O announces!
(ANT1-6)(1978) Pilot #2, basically the same as Pilot #1 but with different players, Johnny runs the gamut for $28,800!!

(MSCT1-10)(1978) Dilanjin(sp?) returning champ
(CHRT1-7)(1978) Christmas episode, prize plugs
(MSCT3-2)(1979) Bobby is a big risker! and he pays for it!, GSN split screen

Card Sharks - Bob Eubanks -  3 Episodes

(PIR30-2)(1986) Prize plugs, GSN split screen
(Y2PT1-8)(1989) Finale!, a special car game is played, prize plugs

Classic Concentration - Alex Trebek -  2 Epidoes

(ANT2-1)(1987) Premeire! Contestant David has a WILD start!, not great video, C-
(ANT2-2)(1987) Episode #2, better video than the premeire but not great, bad video during second puzzle solve

Dating Game, The - Jim Lange - 2 Episodes

(GBAT1-1)(1968) Richard Dawson, Bill Bixby are bachelors, Steve Martin also is a bachelor
(CHRT1-6)(1972) Christmas episode, including a visit from HR Puff'n'stuff(sp?)

Double Dare - Alex Trebek - 1 Episode

(Y2PT1-2)(1977) Finale, prize plugs


Family Feud - Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn

Friend or Foe - Kennedy - 3 Episodes

(MSCT8-5)(2002) Halloween episode!, contestants have grudges against each other!
(MSCT17-5)(2002) Christmas episode!

Gong Show, The - Chuck Barris -  1 Episode

(Y2PT1-14)(1978) Finale


Hit Man - Peter Tomarken - 1 Episode

(ANT1-8)(1983) Finale, Randy West is a contestant!, includes the famous finale contestant plug by Rod Roddy!
Hollywood Squares, The - Peter Marshall, John Davidson, Tom Bergeron